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Web Fonts

DJ Lesniak - Friday, September 03, 2010
Web fonts have come along way and there is some really great work being done to make it more reliable across many browsers and platforms.

We were using sIFR which is a flash based solution I thought worked pretty well. Then we tried out Cufon which basically renders an SVG version of the font using javascript to display it on the page. Which also seemed to work ok until I had to edit a 10,000 character page that Cufon generated inline styles for. Yes, an inline style for EVERY character! (man that was a headache) 

We also tried @import but that was unreliable on some devices. TypeKit seemed like it was too early and nothing seemed to really stand out as a reliable, easy to implement solution. Until now!

Google is doing some really great development with a handful of fonts that are simple to implement and reliable across all the popular devices being used today. But the library is pretty limited to make it a main solution. I'm sure that will change shortly though.

Then there is WebINK by Extensis.

I have to say, I've been a long time user of Suitcase and was even an active beta tester for the app at one time, so I may be a little biased. But it makes sense for them to rollout their version of how fonts should be implemented on the web since they have years of experience with fonts and font issues. And rollout a solid solution they did!

Think iTunes for fonts.

Font designers will love WebINK like musicians are loving iTunes. They still have a little work to do in pricing and reliability across different devices. But it's a great first start!

What are your thoughts on these solutions and have you seen anything better?